Grounded in the Grains of His Promises

As I was praying the other day, God spoke to me in a very different way. I saw myself in the middle of the ocean with the waves coming towards me but instead of swimming away in fear, I stood firmly planted in the sand. The waves crashed over me, yet I remained unmoved. Waves comes in different forms: confusion, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, etc. A word that kept coming to me was fulfill. I was trying to figure out what that meant. Fulfill. Full-fill. God will fill us to full with His love until we overflow. He calls us to share that love with the world-to flow out into the world. We have to be filled with Christ and to be filled, we must be empty. Empty of ourselves and our own desires or motivations. We have to be so full of Him that we remain grounded when the waves come crashing in. Whatever waves may come at me, as long as I stand firm on the promises of God, the grains of sand, then I won’t be overwhelmed by the waves. We have to sink our feet into the sand. He is our firm foundation. In Him, we will never be shaken. We will never sink.

When we are hit by waves, they usually overwhelm us, dragging us down, underneath them. “Jesus responded, ‘Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!’ Then he got up and rebuked the wind and waves, and suddenly there was a great calm (Matthew 8:26).” To rebuke something means to force it back. Jesus can simply speak and things change. He can force back the waves. He can cause the storms to cease. When we look at the ocean and see the waves coming for us, we tend to try and swim away, back to the shore-to the known. Stepping out is scary. Doing something different is challenging when we are stuck in our own comfort. What if we stepped out into the water, in faith, in the midst of the sea, when the storms are raging and the waves are crashing and simply kept our eyes on Jesus, trusting Him every step of the way? If He can rebuke the waves and sleep during the storm and we know that He is always on our side, can we not rest in the fact that His presence is our provision?

Fulfill also means to carry out. God will fulfill every promise. He will provide! He will give us strength! He will always love us! He will never leave us or forsake us. If we are bold enough to face the storm, to take the leap of faith, God is faithful to see us through it. We can’t let our current situation distract us from the One who calms the sea. The situations we endure are stronger than us but when we have the strength of Christ, when we are filled with Him, we can handle the crashing of the waves, immovable.

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