The Broom for the Broken

“The attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past. The enemy fears you becoming who God has made you to be.”
-Lisa Bevere

I love the Christian metal band, For Today. I was so upset when I heard the news that the members of the band were going their separate ways. But I recently heard a sermon by Mattie Montgomery, the lead singer, and was speechless. It’s amazing what we God can speak through us if we simply let Him speak!

“Brokenness is an indicator of purpose and potential. As we begin to reveal to people their identity and their purpose, then their problem becomes an obstacle between them and their purpose. That’s why we deal with the problems. Because that’s what’s standing between people and their potential, purpose, and the embodiment of the identity that Jesus died for them to have.”

We are all broken. We are human. The enemy reminds us of our past so that he can keep us in guilt. He doesn’t want us to live into our potential. He wants us to live in guilt because he knows that once we realize the love of God, the forgiving and merciful God, then he is history. The enemy controls us with power that he wants us to think he has. He knows that when we have the love of God in our hearts and the God of angel armies on our side, then he has been defeated. He is afraid that if you step into all that God has for you, you will recognize his lies and he won’t be able to deceive you. He loses power to the one who is all-powerful. The enemy knows our weaknesses. He likes to use them against us. Christ knows our weaknesses but He likes to use them to strengthen us and love us through His power.

We have to be willing to talk to people. Not just small talk, really talk to them. Get to know what burdens their heart, what their passions are, and who they are. Get to know what they struggle with and once you know, don’t use it against them or use it to judge them. We have to deal with the problems with love. We have to meet their needs because that’s how Jesus loved. He didn’t criticize them for what they had done, He loved them in spite of it and healed them. That’s how He still loves us. He lives inside of us and since He loves us that much, that’s how we need to love others. Jesus came and died for us, knowing all of our problems and yet He still came because if He wouldn’t have, there would be no hope, no healing. No redemption. Jesus died so that we could live. Every one of us.

“Anything that stands between me and the treasure that’s inside of me, being released for the world to see, is called dirt and it needs to be swept away. You will run into people who will hold their problem right in your face and want you to talk to their problem. They’re waiting for someone to look past their dirt, unbelief, and their issue and see their potential and the treasure that God has planted inside of them and the fingerprints of God on their lives.”

It’s time to get the broom and “sweep away” anything that’s in the way. As Mattie said, people will “hold their problems right in your face.” Some people tell you their problems so that you will be afraid and not want to deal with it. We have to be willing to break through the problem and speak promise over their lives. They use the problem as a front so that they can push people away instead of getting to the core issue, the heart of the issue. We need to look past what we see on the outside and see them as Jesus does: loved beyond measure. God has given us all gifts. We just have to take the time to open them and use them. It brings him great joy when we do. Everyone has a purpose. God breathed life into all of us. Just because we all sin differently doesn’t mean that anyone is any less loved by the Father. We have to fight for those who don’t have the strength to fight for themselves. We fight for them in prayer. We fight for them with encouragement. We fight for them with love.

As we sweep away the strongholds of “problems,” whether it be addiction, anxiety, fear, worry, doubt, guilt, etc., we will be swept away by His perfect love. We can’t be afraid to get our hands dirty to help make others clean. Are we willing to pick up the broom, not to use as a weapon to condemn, but as a tool to liberate the broken?

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